Saw Mill and Bespoke Timber Providers

Hearts Wood Heritage is an Irish Timber Sawmill based in Kildare, with a family history deep in our wonderful renewal resource of Irish timber.

The heritage in Ireland of beautiful wood and artisan bespoke timber furniture has always been an inspiration and true passion of ours, which constantly inspired us to source out and collect the finest, highest quality and most sought after timber logs.

At our sawmill based in Kildare the heart of Ireland , there is and unfaltering excitement as we make that first cut into a log and a wait for the beauty to be revealed for the first time.

We have a great collection of these timbers for sale, as wide slabs, live edge flitches, beams and dimensional timber. With a selection of imported timbers arriving soon. All can be viewed and purchased at our sawmill and online.

We are here to share our passion and advise on the individual heritage of the timbers whilst offering a range of timber services.

Bespoke Timber Saw Mill Ireland

Bespoke Cuts of Wood

At our Saw Mill we cut timber of any shape or size.  If you have a piece of timer that you need customised then our expert team can give you exactly what you need.

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Regular Wood Merchant

Regular Timber

We have a broad range of timber in stock at all times,  from Beech to Oak to Chestnut and many more. Contact us for more details.

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Timberking Agent in Ireland

Agent for TimberKing & Woodmaster Tools

At Hearts Wood Heritage Sawmill & Sales we use TimberKing & Woodmaster Tools. Their products are built to the highest standards, with a great sale and after sales service. We are proud to be TimberKings agent for Ireland and Europe.

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